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6 Tips for Business Owners in British Columbia

1.     Don’t be afraid Specifically, don’t be afraid to strike out on your own. You’ve been managing your own life for decades; you can manage a business. Take my word for it. You may be tempted to take on a…..

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Top British Columbia Businesses That Have Survived The Test Of Time

British Columbia is a very well-known province located at the west of Canada. The smooth and easy going life of the province along with its wonderful tourist destinations like Whistler, Tofino and Richmond makes it a fantastic location for both…..


8 Reasons Why British Columbia is the Best Place for Your New Business

When I was searching for a place to begin my career, I chose Vancouver for many reasons. I’ve gone over some them before, but I’ll go over them in more detail here. Not only is it a beautiful city, but…..


Hiring Employees in British Columbia: The Best Off-Script Interview Questions

Over the years, as I’ve grown businesses in Vancouver, I’ve done my fair share of hiring. First comes the recruiting, then comes the reviewing of résumés, then comes the interviewing, and then the hard (or not so hard) decisions. When…..


7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Business Partner for Your Vancouver-Based Startup

Let’s say you’ve decided to open up your very first business in Vancouver, British Columbia—a fitness center. Naturally, you’re feeling nervous about managing the business because you’ve never done this before. Your cousin Avril is excited for you because she…..


The 10 Biggest Businesses in British Columbia in 2016

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large business owner, taking a gander at the top of the chart always puts things back into perspective. In this post, we’re going to look at the 10 companies in British Columbia…..

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Workplace Fun: Creating a Positive Work Environment for Your Vancouver-Based Business

The initial reason why I wanted to start up my business career in Vancouver, rather than another part of British Columbia or another province in Canada was because of the booming industry in Vancouver. It’s one of the largest cities…..


4 Small Businesses in British Columbia Who Are Doing Things Right

What does it take to make a business successful in British Columbia, Canada? It takes a generous amount of grit and hard work, some financial resources, a dash of charisma, and a pinch of ingenuity. In this post, we’re going…..


5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Budding Business

The first thing you learn in business school is the importance of the phrase “Location, Location, Location.” Selecting the ideal location for your business is more important than the size of the building or what you will pay in rent……